What is the Best Color Area Rug for Dark Wood Floors?

Do you have dark wood floors in your home? While the traditional wood floor coloring is light, darker wood provides an elegant air of sophistication. However, the choices you make for your furnishings, upholstery, curtains and any carpeting makes a big difference in whether your living environment feels chic and stylish or dark and depressing. Introducing contrast in the form of an area rug can go a long way toward transforming a room.

There are a few different directions you can go in to complement dark wood floors. Here are some ideas and examples.

Dark Wood Floors and Area Rugs - High Contrast

To bring out the beauty in dark stained hardwood, try a white, off-white or beige area rug. The lighter color creates a stark contrast with the dark wood, balancing out the feel of the room and bringing attention to each element. This holds especially true if you add light wood furnishings in locations where the dark floor remains visible.

Complementary and Contrasting Area Rugs for a Dark Wood Floor

Another option when choosing an area rug color for a dark hardwood floor is to go with something that matches the darkness of the floor along with areas of lightness. This creates a more subdued and elegant appearance. In this type of décor, you may choose matching dark wood furniture, which is then offset with a richly ornate area rug that combines light and dark elements.

A Dark Wood Floor and an Area Rug: A Vibrant Splash of Color and Interest

If you have dark wood floors and dark wood furniture, you might want to add a vibrant splash of color to make a heavy, dreary room come alive. You can easily and inexpensively do this with a premium quality area rug from Dean Flooring Company that explodes with color and style. You'll find both traditional and modern area rugs. We also have many striking choices of area rugs for rustic décor, from animal designs to Southwestern motifs.