What is a Stair Tread?

Premium New Zealand WoolWhat is a stair tread? The most basic answer to that question is that a stair tread is a rectangular object made of fabric or some other material that is put on a stair step and affixed to it. On a practical level, stair treads are inexpensive and easy to install. As such, they are an affordable alternative to stair runners.

But a stair tread is much more than that. Most important, a stair tread or a set of stair treads is one of the most cost-efficient investments in safety you can make in your home or office. That's because slips and falls on stairs are one of the most common accidents that take place in buildings. If you have ever fallen down a flight of stairs, you're all too familiar with the initial shock, embarrassment and dismay and the ensuing physical pain and emotional stress of an unexpected tumble. With luck, you survived that slip without a trip to the hospital. If you were even luckier, the initial pain wasn't lingering.

By providing solid traction on hardwood, stone or other slippery stair steps, stair treads can help reduce the chances of accidental and painful falls. Every home should have stair treads on its steps, whether inside or outside, but it's especially important to take this safety precaution in places used by the elderly, by romping children or by pets. For the elderly, especially, a fall on a staircase can not only be painful, it can often result in a broken hip or the breaking of other brittle bones, leading to a long stay in the hospital or a bed or wheelchair and in some cases even to premature death.

Outdoor Stair TreadsStair treads will protect the entire family, including your pets, and they will also protect your guests and visitors. In the unfortunate event of a bad slip for a visitor, the solid traction provided by a well-made set of stair treads could even save you legal problems from slips and falls. This can be a special concern in business environments.

Besides their major importance as a safety measure for home or office, stair treads also have other important benefits. By placing stair treads in the middle of your steps, you will protect the hardwood base from damage, especially in high-traffic areas. Stair treads will provide a barrier between shoes, boots and other footwear tracking a trail of dirt and grime up and down your stairs. If left unprotected, your hardwood steps will suffer as the dirt, grime and other foreign material are ground in. Most stair treads are easy to remove and easy to clean, giving your investment in your staircase an added layer of protection for a long and beautiful life.

Overall, stair steps also can play a big role in improving the aesthetic appeal of any stairway. The stair treads available from Dean Flooring Company, for instance, are available in literally hundreds of designs, colors and styles running the gamut from an old-fashioned conservative look to daring modern designs. They can liven up a drab staircase or add a touch of elegance and class to plain-looking steps.

Because we have so many designs available at, it's easy to match the décor you already have in your home or business, or you can use the design of the stair treads you choose as a springboard for a total design makeover.  In addition to stair treads, Dean Flooring Company also has runners, rugs and mats available to complement the design of your stair treads.

Dark Green Plush Stair TreadBeyond their many other benefits, stair treads also can contribute to your peace and quiet. This becomes especially relevant if you have a home full of rambunctious young kids. Perhaps you have frisky dogs and other pets with long toenails that click up and down the stairway. A good set of stair treads will help muffle the sounds of all those humans or pets going up and down the stairs, contributing to the serenity of your home and your life.

Stair treads also offer a soft, comfortable layer to your stairs, putting a bit more spring into your step. This is especially important if you or your family members like to go barefoot around your household. During the coldest winters, stair treads will help add warmth and comfort to your home.

Stair treads are available in many different sizes at Dean Flooring Company offers the biggest selection of stair treads you'll find anywhere, and you'll enjoy browsing through our incredible collection of stair treads and marvel at their diversity. Since we're manufacturers as well as retailers of stair treads, we can usually make custom stair treads to your exact specifications, whether you're looking for an unusual size, shape or quantity. We can provide you with just about any kind of stair tread you can imagine. We have stair treads to fit every situation and every budget.

All of our stair treads are made in the U.S., so you know you're getting the best quality you can find. Call us toll free with your ideas or for prompt answers to your questions.