Types of Stair Tread Materials

What types of Stair Tread Materials are There?

Stair treads are small, finished pieces of carpeting with non-slip backing that attach to the top of the steps of your home's staircase. Stair treads are meant to cover the middle section of the stair, providing traction and safety while allowing the natural beauty of the material of the staircase to shine through. They come in indoor or outdoor styles and are available in a variety of colors, designs and materials. When choosing stair treads, the material used is often one of the most important considerations as the material will influence the price, the life expectancy and the texture of the tread.


Wool stair treads are popular because of their durability and performance. Wool is one of the most commonly used materials to make stair treads from and it can be dyed a large variety of colors. Wool stair treads can be modern, traditional or a blend of both. The treads can vary in price depending on the quality of the wool used. Top-quality New Zealand wool stair treads are some of the most expensive while wool blends tend to be cheaper. Wool treads can be rough or soft depending on the type of wool used.

Nylon and Polyester

For budget-conscious consumers, nylon and polyester stair treads are an attractive option. They stand up well to regular use and come in a variety of styles, but are more affordable than wool treads. Nylon and polyester have the benefit of being lightweight and easier to install than wool in many situations. They cost less than other stair treads, but still have the luxurious appearance home owners love. Nylon or polyester stair treads often have a softer texture that's perfect for indoor use.

Sisal and Seagrass Natural Fibers

Natural fiber stair treads, like those made from sisal and seagrass have a natural, warm appearance that's perfectly suited for seaside retreats and homes that favor nautical decor. The simple style and natural materials can complement any decor and the colorful borders of the stair treads add an unexpected pop of color. Natural fiber stair treads tend to be very affordable and have a rougher texture than other materials.

The material used to create the tread will impact the price and style of the finished piece. Regardless of which material you choose, you'll find a great selection of stair treads to choose from at Dean Flooring Company.