Tread, runner quality: what separates products (FYI: dean makes their own products)

Dean Natural Fiber Sisal Stair TreadQuality is Key

Thinking of buying carpet stair treads or carpet runners? Don't buy from just anywhere. Use this guide to determine whether or not you're buying high-quality products that will endure year after year of heavy foot traffic. We suggest looking at three important factors before placing your carpet stair tread or carpet runner order - where it's made, of what it's made of and how it's made - to ensure that you don't get sucked into buying low-quality flooring that won't last. When you order your stair treads, area rugs and runners from Dean Flooring Company, you can trust that you're getting superior quality products that will endure even the busiest of households.

Where it's Made

The first thing to look at when buying stair treads is where it's made. Of course, you're best off with products made in the U.S. Dean Flooring Company manufactures its products entirely in Dalton, Ga. - the Carpet Capital of the World! - to ensure that our floor coverings are meticulously made and available at an affordable price point. It's always smart to buy from family-owned and operated businesses like Dean Flooring Company to be sure you get personalized, friendly customer service. To keep cost down, choose a manufacturer that doesn't dump money into high-priced showrooms or advertisements and instead passes the savings directly to you. Never buy carpeting or stair treads made in China from big box stores.

What it's Made OfBlack Scroll Bullnose Stair Tread

Identify the quality of stair treads and carpeting is easy when you take note of materials used. Manmade and natural fiber flooring can both be good options when made with premium quality materials. Nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, wool, sisal, seagrass, polyester and polypropylene-acrylic flooring are trusted for their ability to offer superior stain resistance and durability in the face of heavy foot traffic. Choose long-wearing, stain-resistant rugs and stair treads to get the biggest bang for your buck. If you're looking for eco-friendly stair treads or floor coverings, invest in a renewable fiber such as seagrass or sisal. For softness, opt for 100 percent wool or wool blend stair treads.

How it's Made

Always inquire with the flooring manufacturer about how a floor covering is made, especially if you're placing a large and expensive order. Look for hand-woven rugs, loom-made rugs or American-made machine rugs to ensure the most meticulous of quality. It's also important to play close attention to a rug's details - especially its edges and its backing - to ensure that you're getting a product designed to hold up to extended foot traffic. Shop with rug makers that allow you to place custom rug orders so you know that rugs are made, handled and altered in-house.

Dean Modern Bullnose Stair TreadFeatures to Look For

When shopping for quality floor coverings, you always want to identify a few important features. Select stair treads, area rugs and hallway runners made with high-quality backings - made with materials such as long-lasting foam or rubber - to keep the rug in place and to add an extra layer of protection on the floor. You'll also want to select rugs and coverings that have bound edges. This will help the rug avoid fringing, bulging, warping or tearing over time. Dean Flooring Company makes rugs, runners and stair treads with specialized features such as UV-stabilized material to resist fading in the sun and serged edges for an attractive, color-matching finish.

Quality of DIY Stair Treads

You may think that do-it-yourself stair treads must compromise on quality, but that's not the case when you shop with a trusted retailer like Dean Flooring Company. Contemporary stair treads are designed for fast, DIY installation to save you time, money, and frustration, and have all the same high-quality features you've come to expect from professionally installed stair runners. Don't let DIY scare you away if it's quality you're after.

Guarantees & Warrantees

The fact of the matter is, if a company can't backup their products, you probably don't want to be doing business with them. Shop with manufacturers that guarantee satisfaction - like Dean Flooring Company - to ensure that if something goes wrong, your investment is covered. Dean Flooring Company always offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of our products to safeguard your purchase and supply serious peace of mind for both first-time and loyal customers. If you have any more questions about the quality of our products, feel free to contact us today to speak with a friendly customer service representative.