Tape Free Pet Friendly Non-Slip Stair Gripper

stairgripper-01.jpg  If you own a pet and you own a home, you place a high priority on keeping your pet safe as well as keeping your flooring safe from the unintentional damage even the most lovable of pets can inflict. Tape-Free Pet-Friendly Non-Slip Stair Grippers available from Dean Flooring Company can enable dogs and cats to romp freely up and down the stairs without concern that they might slip or stumble. Give your dog the confidence that he needs to travel your stair steps without fear. If you have an elderly dog, a new puppy, or a pet that has been injured, you will love the safety and assurance that our Pet Friendly Dean Carpet Stair Treads give you and your dog or other pet when using your staircase. That goes double, of course, for the humans in your home. And these stair grippers perform the double function of reducing the wear and tear that sharp paws and dirty shoe soles can cause to hardwood floors.

Premium Non-Slip Tape Free Pet Friendly Carpet Stair Treads by Dean Flooring Company do not require tape to install on your stairs. Their padded backing can just be placed on their stairs and allowed to stay in place. Our proprietary backing prevents skidding while adding a cushion and reducing noise. This carpet is resistant to stains and has edges that are finished with rounded corners and color-matching yarn or binding tape.

Non-Slip Ultra Premium Stair Gripper Carpet Stair Treads available in a variety of colors and patterns. These durable treads are elegant and stylish, and they do not require tape, staples or other adhesive agents that can damage hardwood floors. As easy as the DIY process is to install these premium stair treads, removing them is just as simple.