If you want an upscale, finished look for your stairs, be sure to choose from these bullnose stair treads from Dean Stair Treads. The wraparound style along the front edge of each stair adds a sophisticated feel. And though it looks like it was done by professionals, you can actually install any of our carpet bullnose stair treads on your own. We make it easy to do in just minutes while also ensuring that your stairs won't be damaged if you decide to remove the treads.  Try our "tape free pet friendly" bullnose carpet stair treads that give you the ultimate protection for your stairs with the simplest and fastest professional looking installation available.  And there is no tape or adhesive required, just place on your stairs and go!

Our collection of wraparound carpet stair treads includes a wide variety of designs, colors and styles. Choose from cool neutral tones, treads with traditional borders and patterned stair treads featuring bright, vivid colors. Our bullnose stair treads will look elegant and sleek in your home while also adding warmth and coziness. Best of all, they'll reduce the risk of slips on the stairs and make your home safer.