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Shopping for Stair Treads by Style

If you aren't sure which style of stair tread to choose, Dean Stair Treads can assist you with our handy shop by style tool. We've categorized our high-quality, American-made carpet stair treads into a wide variety of unique styles to help you zero-in on one that's perfect for your home décor scheme and personal preferences. Whether you're searching for UV-stabilized outdoor stair treads that will add safety and protection to your outdoor stairway or want something eye-catching to complement your contemporary home décor, Dean Stair Treads is the best place to start.

We carry the most unique and up-to-date stair tread selection, with one-of-a-kind options such as animal print stair treads and modern stair treads to go with your unconventional style. We also have classic solid-colored, braided, Oriental and bullnose stair treads to suit your more traditional décor. Our large variety of patterned stair treads includes everything from subdued tweed and ripple designs to elaborate floral patterns, geometrics and animal prints. Of course, we also supply a massive assortment of solid stair treads that are easy to match with your earthy or natural décor.

Additional Types of Stair Treads

In this selection, you'll also find options such as bullnose and braided stair treads. Bullnose stair treads are designed to extend around the nose of each stair, creating a seamless effect and adding additional coverage to protect your hardwood or the flooring beneath the stairs. Braided stair treads feature a highly textured, braided appearance that makes the perfect option for those who want to add dimension without too much business or color. Remember, you can always contact us via phone at 800-616-8808 (U.S.) or 706-529-8808 (international) if you have any questions about our stair tread styles.