9 Inch Depth

If you are sick and tired of carrying the family dog up and down the stairs, Dean Flooring Company is happy to offer you a solution. Many people swear that our Nine-Inch Depth and Smaller Stair Treads have given Fido the traction and confidence to navigate going up and down the stairs on his own.

This added traction, of course, also benefits humans and will help protect friends, family and guests from nasty falls on your staircase. It's reassuring to know that while our quality stair treads are hard at work guarding people and pets, they also are protecting the steps under them from dirt, grime and wear and tear.

Besides all these important benefits, our stair treads boast one other really important plus: They will beautify any staircase.

We offer scores of styles, shapes, colors and designs for our 9"-deep and under stair treads. You can pick from many materials, including affordable, 100 percent polypropylene, plush, 35-ounce nylon that's stain and spill resistant and natural sisal that would work perfectly at that beach house or vacation spot.

You don't have to hire a professional to install these stair treads either. With our tape-free stair treads, for instance, you just put them where you want them and go about your business. Others install with our double-sided tape, sold separately, or with our unique peel-and-stick systems.