8 Inch Depth and Smaller

Ideal for older homes with smaller steps or for showcasing more of the beautiful hardwood or other material on modern staircases, the Eight-Inch Depth and Smaller Stair Treads from Dean Flooring Company give you a host of options. Made in the U.S., these Dean stair treads offer superb beauty, quality and durability, no matter what type of stairs you plan to use them on.

Besides bringing beauty to any staircase, our stair treads offer many other advantages. Many of these stair treads are excellent as outdoor stair protectors as well as for protecting the hardwood steps of interior staircases from wear and tear. Check out our big selection of indoor/outdoor stair treads to find just the right ones to suit your space and style.

Besides protecting your steps, our stair treads also protect people and pets from slips and falls on slippery steps. In addition, our soft step stair treads will help muffle the sounds made by anyone using the stairs. You'll find that especially pleasing if you have a house full of kids who like to romp up and down the stairs at all hours of the day and night. The many benefits of these products are clear: stair treads, carpet protectors, sound mufflers and slip preventers.