36 Inch Width

If you have a wide staircase or want to give your steps maximum coverage with protective and beautiful stair treads inside or outdoors, the 36-Inch Width Stair Treads from Dean Flooring Company offer plenty of wonderful options. Pick from a broad palette of color choices as well as designs ranging from simple solids to alluring lattice and striped patterns. Whether you are looking for outdoor stair treads or indoor stair treads with indoor stair mats, we have numerous options to suit your style and budget.

Dean Flooring Company can meet your needs whether you are looking for indoor/outdoor stair treads with matching stair mats, indoor stair treads in sets or any other combination of 36"-wide stair treads. That's because we manufacture our unique stair treads right here in the U.S., meaning we can customize practically any order, no matter what you are looking for or how much or little you require.

Pick from rugged, stain-resistant nylon 36-inch-wide stair treads or luxurious 36" stair treads made of all-natural New Zealand wool. Besides adding a beautiful new look to your steps, these stair treads will help protect people and pets from nasty falls. They're a cinch to install too.