31 Inch Width

For wider steps or to cover a greater area of each step, the 31-Inch Wide Stair Treads from Dean Flooring Company make a smart choice. Available in a wide range of colors and designs ranging from solid to fleur-de-lis to Oriental-style, these carpet treads can match practically any decor. Made exclusively by us here in the U.S., our 31" stair treads will provide the beauty and durability you're looking for, whether you're seeking to add a new look to your staircase or have decided on stair treads as a good way to minimize noise, slips and falls while protecting your hardwood steps from daily wear and tear.

In addition to a big selection of beautiful designs and colors, Dean Flooring Company provides you a choice of materials in our 31"-wide stair treads. For the ultimate in satiny softness that will be gentle on everyone's feet, go with our stair treads made of recyclable 39-ounce nylon. If you are looking for a great value as well as great looks, examine our stair treads made of 100 percent polypropylene.

Either way, these stair treads feature nonslip padded foam backing, which means they will stay in place. Some of these stair treads can be installed easily and quickly with our double-sided tape that won't mar the underlying steps.

Our nonslip, tape-free pet-friendly stair treads are even easier to install. Simply place them where you want them and go about your life while enjoying the beauty, comfort and peace of mind that our quality stair treads will provide.

If you have decided upon the width of treads to add to your stairs, you still have plenty of decisions left to make, and Dean Flooring Company can help you make them. The selection of 31-inch wide stair treads includes many choices, so you can customize your treads to your individual preferences. Call us toll-free with any questions.