30 Inch Width

Whether you wish to give a new look to your old staircase or just yearn for the safety, beauty and quiet that good stair treads can provide, Dean Flooring Company can provide you with products that are high in quality yet low in cost and easy to install yourself. If you have a wider staircase or are just looking to give each of your steps more carpet coverage, consider our 30-Inch Width Stair Treads. Our big selection ensures you will be able to find just the right stair treads to suit your project, your personal taste and your budget.

You will find 30"-wide stair treads here in many colors and designs that will beautify your home and make it easy to match any decor. Our 30-inch stair treads are available in a variety of materials, including affordable, durable polypropylene, ultra-comfortable nylon and genuine, luxurious New Zealand wool.

Pick from rectangular stair treads that cover the tops of your steps, or choose wraparound bullnose stair treads that cover the rounded front of your steps as well as the tops. Each type is a cinch to install, whether you opt for our nonskid, tape-free stair treads that require no adhesives or go with our stair treads that adhere to steps with our double-sided tape that leaves no sticky residue. Given today's high labor rates, installing stair treads yourself will reward you with huge savings that you will enjoy almost as much as the beautiful look of your renovated staircase.