29 Inch Width

Twenty-nine-inch-wide stair treads are a good choice for wider steps or if you want to cover more of each step. If you are looking for quality 29"-wide stair treads, Dean Flooring Company carries a huge selection, giving you maximum freedom of choice to match any decor or lifestyle.

Besides our great selection, we are proud to boast premium quality for our 29-Inch Width Stair Treads. Made in the U.S., these carpeted stair treads provide superior durability as well as good looks and style. They will also guard your steps against wear and tear while protecting people and pets from painful slips and falls.

Pick from a variety of materials, including natural sisal stair treads perfect for that beach house or vacation getaway. If you are looking for a smoother feel for those who like to go around the house in bare feet, consider our polypropylene stair treads, which are similar to natural sisal but lack the rough feel.

You can purchase these 29"-wide stair treads in sets with or without matching landing mats. They are easy to install, whether you choose our nonslip, tape-free 29" stair treads that require no adhesives, or go with our stair treads that easily attach to your steps with our double-sided tape that leaves no sticky residue.