27 Inch Width

Twenty-seven-inch stair treads are a popular choice for many steps and staircases. If you are looking to dress up your staircase with a whole new look, you ought to take a look at the huge selection of 27-Inch Width Stair Treads available from Dean Flooring Company. Made in the U.S., these stair treads are as durable and easy to install as they are beautiful.

We offer a wide assortment of 27-inch stair-tread colors and patterns, giving you maximum latitude to match your home's decor. Our solid-color 27" stair treads are available in basic beiges and browns that will go with practically anything. But we also offer bolder colors, like terracotta, mulberry and cardinal red, to give you just the right hue if you're yearning for a livelier look. In addition, we offer 27-inch stair treads that pay homage to nature with gorgeous designs inspired by the great outdoors.         

Order our 27" stair treads alone or combine them with matching landing rugs or runners. You can purchase our stair treads in sets of various quantities, but if you need more or fewer for your project, just call us toll-free. We take pride in our superior customer service, which includes the ability to customize your order to your exact specifications. We can provide you with exactly what you need.