25 Inch Width

At Dean Flooring Company, we make and sell a huge variety of stair treads, including Dean stair treads in the popular 25-inch width. Our 25" stair treads come in an assortment of styles, colors and price points so that you can find exactly the right ones to fit your lifestyle and budget. No matter which stair treads you pick, you will love their looks and feel good knowing they are protecting your steps from wear and tear while also protecting our loved ones-including your pets-from painful falls on slippery steps.

We offer solid-color 25-inch-wide stair treads in neutral colors and designs that will let you match practically any decor, but we also have many choices of stair treads with gorgeous designs that will take your breath away. You can purchase just the stair treads in sets or, if you prefer, you can buy stair-tread sets with a matching landing rug or runner to proudly place at the bottom of your renovated staircase.

No matter what you choose, you will discover that our stair treads are a cinch to install and easy to clean. Choose from materials including washable nylon stair treads that are perfect for high-traffic areas and amazingly soft as well as attractive polypropylene stair treads that are remarkably affordable.