10 Inch Depth and Larger

Whether you want to give your staircase a quick and easy makeover that will make it look fabulous, seek to protect your steps from wear and tear or are looking for a way to help prevent nasty slips and falls going up or down the stairs, stair treads are a wise investment. At Dean Flooring Company, we offer a big selection of Stair Treads specifically designed for steps 10 inches in depth and larger to provide you a perfect fit and a perfect look.

Our selection of 10"- and larger-depth stair treads gives you a range of choices in styles, colors and price so you can find exactly the right ones for your taste, decor and budget. If you are seeking to protect your bullnose stair treads, for instance, consider our wraparound bullnose stair treads. Designed with a 2-inch overlap to wrap around the bullnose or curved edge of each step, these will add a luxurious look to your home. Made of plush, durable nylon, our wraparound bullnose stair treads feature a nonskid design for safety. Advanced adhesive tape for these stair treads makes it easy to remove them for cleaning with no sticky residue or damage to your steps.

We also carry attractive hexagonal-shaped stair treads in larger sizes that will give any staircase a touch of class. These nylon pile stair treads feature washable nonslip latex backs for your convenience and safety.