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Choosing the Right Size Stair Treads

Just like your home, carpet stair treads aren't one-size-fits-all. Dean Stair Treads has a large variety of stair treads in many sizes to match your specific stair dimensions and personal preferences. We offer stair treads in sizes ranging from 24 inches wide up to 36 inches wide as well as 8-inch deep and smaller treads up to 10-inch deep and larger treads. With our handy shop by size tool, you'll be able to quickly see which top-of-the-line, American-made carpet stair treads from Dean Stair Treads' huge selection will work with your particular home or business.

If you need information on how to size your stairs for stair treads, visit our measuring guide for in-depth information on how to measure stair treads. You can easily determine the size of your stairs with a retractable tape measure or a ruler. It's important to note that many people have different preferences on sizing. For example, most people want their stair treads to have a bit of space on each side to showcase the hardwood flooring beneath. On the other hand, some people prefer fuller coverage to preserve the entire surface of the floor. These are important things to note when measuring your stairs and deciding on a stair tread size.

Custom-Sized Stair Treads by Dean Stair Treads

If you have difficult or unconventionally sized stairs, Dean Stair Treads is more than happy to help you purchase custom-sized stair treads to match your specific needs. We understand that not all stairways fit into these sizing categories, so we've developed a team of professionals to build custom stair treads that are beautiful and unique to your home. For more information on custom sizing, feel free to call us at 800-616-8808 (U.S.) or 706-529-8808 (international) or send us a message via our contact page.