Rectangle Shaped

Matching perfectly with the shape of each step, rectangular stair treads are a popular way to protect stairs from wear and tear while also protecting pets and people from dangerous falls. At Dean Flooring Company, we make and offer a huge selection of Rectangle-Shaped Stair Treads, enabling you to find exactly the right style, size and price point to fit your needs.

Whether you choose our nonstick DIY peel-and-stick stair treads or our stair treads that you attach with double-sided tape, you will be amazed at how easy and affordable it is to install our stair treads yourself. After you have added these attractive stair treads to your staircase, they will pay long-term dividends with their lasting beauty as well as the protection they offer people, pets and the stairs themselves.

We carry plush interior stair treads that will pamper your bare feet as well as tough outdoor stair treads that will provide secure footing while standing up to rain, the sun's ultraviolet rays and just about anything else Mother Nature can dish out. Pick from a huge assortment of colors and styles ranging from basic solids in neutral colors to gorgeous floral displays and other colorful designs.