Hexagon Shaped

If you are looking to add some visual appeal to your staircase while protecting it and those who use it, consider the hexagon. Stairs with hexagon stair treads present a new and different shape along with a splash of color. These fascinating shapes can reinvigorate any staircase. At, we carry an assortment of quality Hexagon-Shaped Stair Treads that are easy to install and care for.

Our six-sided stair treads are made in the U.S. out of comfortable nylon pile with a machine-washable, nonskid, latex backing. Choose from many colors and designs ranging from simple patterns that will go with practically any decor to beautiful floral styles that will evoke constant comments and compliments from guests. For added beauty, consider complementing these beautiful stair treads with hexagon-shaped area rugs.

Besides adding visual appeal to any staircase, our hexagonal stair treads will help protect people and pets from slips and falls. In addition, they also absorb noise while protecting your stairs from wear and tear. Installing these stair treads is an easy DIY project with our double-sided carpet tape, sold separately.