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Find the Perfect Shaped Stair Treads for Your Home

Dean Stair Treads offers stair treads in many unique shapes, including custom-cut stair treads to suit odd and unconventional stairs. Our pre-made stair treads come in three popular shapes - rectangular, bullnose, and hexagonal. Choosing the best shape for your home really comes down to your personal preferences and the particular demands of the environment. For example, you may prefer the unconventional look of a hexagonal style but need the additional coverage of rectangular treads in your busy, pet-friendly home. Explore all of our styles for one that's perfect for you.

Rectangular stair treads are by far the most common and conventional stair treads because they provide the most coverage on your stairs. These treads are ideal for those looking for an option to add the most safety and protection to their hardwood staircase. For something a bit more unique, explore our bullnose stair treads that provide a cozy yet modern appearance that covers the bullnose end of your stairs as well. Those with Victorian, country or traditional home décor schemes often prefer to decorate with our eye-catching hexagonal stair treads that add exceptional warmth and dimension.

Custom Stair Treads by Dean Stair Treads

If you don't see the exact shape here to match your particular stairs or desired aesthetic, Dean Stair Treads is happy to work with you on custom-shaped stair treads that are cut to match your precise requirements. Whether you want something one-of-a-kind or have a stairway with a challenging configuration (for example, older homes or those with custom-shaped stairways), Dean Stair Treads is on hand to help. We're more than happy to work with you on a custom order if you call us at 800-616-8808 (U.S.) or 706-529-8808 (international) or visit our contact page.