Sisal-Natural Fiber

Sisal Stair Treads

Stair treads are designed to protect your staircase from scratches and scuffs while providing traction and cushioning for increased safety. Stair tread sets consist of several small rugs that fit perfectly atop a stair, covering the center of the step where the highest levels of traffic occur. Dean Flooring Company offers a large selection of stair treads to choose from including beautiful sisal natural fiber stair treads. Sisal stair treads are thin and durable, but have a natural look and feel that's perfect for minimalist decor, nautical themes and seaside homes.

Sisal brings a warm, natural appearance that's especially well-suited for those who prefer earth tones and versatile solids. Derived from cactus plants, sisal is a natural fiber that grows in Africa and Brazil. This material has long been used for rug- and carpet-making thanks to its strength and durability. Because it's naturally stronger than many other natural fibers, including jute, sisal is also often used to create twine and rope. The material provides an excellent level of traction as well, so it's perfect for helping to keep your home safer from slips and falls.

Compared to other materials such as wool and polyester, sisal stair treads aren't quite as soft or cushioned. However, they are very appropriate for high foot traffic areas - especially your home's busy staircase - because they're able to stand up to constant abuse. With that being said, many interior designers and home owners prefer sisal treads for their stunning, all-natural texture and down-to-earth color tone. Dean Flooring Company offers sisal styles in many natural and dyed colors to match your unique vision.

Our selection of sisal stair treads include finished edges in accent colors such as blue, green and beige. Choose an accent shade to match your home's decor and add a small pop of color in your stairway. Sisal stair treads are incredibly durable and are pet-friendly. They come in a variety of widths and select sets include a matching landing mat for use at the bottom of the stairs or on a landing. Dean Flooring Company offers many sisal stair treads to choose from at incredibly low prices. Order today for the best prices and fast shipping.

If you're in the market for natural fiber stair treads but aren't sold on sisal, worry not. We also carry beautiful seagrass stair treads at Dean Flooring Company as well.