Stair treads are small rugs that are specially designed to fit on the top of stairs to provide traction, warmth and cushioning. When installed properly, stair treads can make stairways safer for pets, children and adults by covering slick surfaces and providing a safe, comfortable place to step. Stair treads are installed directly to the top of the stairway, typically using an adhesive, special tape or another attachment method. Stair treads come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, with green being one of the most popular shades. Before shopping, measure your stairs to determine the width and depth needed for your home.

Dean Flooring Company offers a large selection of green stair treads to choose from in solids or patterns. Choose a lovely floral pattern on a dark green base or opt for solid treads to match your home's minimalist design. Stair treads are affordable, costing significantly less than full carpeting for your stairway. They also add color and warmth to the space without overpowering the natural luster of the wood. Select stair tread designs are available with matching landing mats for use at the top or bottom of the stairs.