If you're a fan of neutral carpeting, Dean Flooring Company's selection of gold, tan and yellow stair treads are made for you. Gold, tan and yellow are considered very neutral colors. They blend well with most wall colors and won't show dirt as easily as white. Because of the versatility of gold, tan and yellow, these stair treads are some of the most popular for homeowners. Gold, tan and yellow stair treads come in a variety of styles including traditional and modern designs. They are available in a variety of widths and select styles are sold with matching landing mats. If you're in need of a quality set of stair treads for your home, turn to Dean Flooring Company and choose one of our beautiful neutral styles.

Stair treads are small finished segments of rugs that attach to the top of a stair to provide traction, style and warmth. When installed on a hardwood staircase, they offer secure footing whether you're going up or down the stairs. That added traction and cushion helps to prevent slips and accidents when going up or down the stairs. Because the treads do not extend to the sides of the staircase, the natural beauty of the wooden stairs is still able to be seen.