Stair Treads for RV


Finding the Right Carpet Stair Treads for your RV

There's no denying it: installing carpet stair treads in your RV or camper is an excellent way to add safety to those steep, hard-to-navigate RV stairs. Not only do they add traction - effectively ensuring safety for you and guests by reducing slips and falls - but they also add a warm, homey element to your RV.

Stair treads lower tracked-in dirt, enhance safety for you and your pets, protect your RV stairs from scuffs and scratches and bring a welcoming element to your space. Our stair treads are designed for fast, simple DIY installation, many requiring no tape or adhesives. Explore our complete selection of indoor/outdoor UV-stabilized stair treads for a huge variety of RV-friendly options.


The Best Stair Treads for RVs by Dean Flooring Company

  • Oasis Green Stair Treads - Add a pop of color to your camper or RV with these practical green stair treads made from 100 percent UV-stabilized polypropylene fiber. These treads have an all-weather urethane backing and are specifically designed to withstand all weather conditions while offering easy cleaning.
  • Contour Beige Stair Treads - If your pets go with you on your RV adventures, these indoor/outdoor stair treads are a great choice. They're designed to a non-slip padded foam backing for superior slip-resistance and have a comfortable, cushioned look and feel for a touch of home while you're on the road.
  • Black Ribbed Stair Treads - These super-practical treads provide double slip-prevention with a slip-resistant rubber marine backing as well as ribbed top for added traction. Plus, their waterproof construction allows you to hose them off whenever they get dirty! Additionally, they're stain-resistant, fade-resistant and very affordable.