Stair Treads for Garage


Choosing the Right Stair Treads for the Garage

Despite the fact that garage stairs get tons of use, they tend to be some of the most unsafe stairways on your property. That's because they're typically made of slippery concrete, and because you're often forced to navigate them while carrying groceries and other cargo from the car to the house. Installing stair treads on your garage stairs is a simple, affordable way to increase the safety of your home without an expensive rebuild or structural update.

Garage stair treads are designed to add traction to your slippery garage stairs while simultaneously protecting the flooring beneath and catching tracked-in dirt. Dean Flooring Company carries a huge selection of garage-friendly treads that are made from easy-to-clean, fade-resistant, heavy-duty fibers to withstand the constant dirt and debris that culminates in the garage. The best part is, our garage stair treads are designed for easy, DIY installation.


Indoor-Outdoor Stair Treads from Dean Flooring Company

No matter how dry your particular climate or environment, we always recommend considering outdoor-friendly stair treads for the garage. You want your treads to be able to stand up to the dirt, grime and moisture of the garage and the outdoors. Additionally, your garage treads need to be able to handle the tracked-in dirt, snow and rain that will inevitably come in from outside. You can choose outdoor-friendly treads made from natural fibers sisal, such as the Hatteras Flatweave Treads, or options made with fade-resistant polypropylene.

Dean Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Stair Treads are a fine choice for any garage, because they're made with all-weather materials that are heavy-duty, fader-resistant and UV-stabilized. These treads are appropriate for stairways that are both inside and outside the garage thanks to their weather-resistant design and long-lasting fibers. We carry indoor/outdoor carpet stair treads in tape-free options as well so that you can quickly install them without hassle.