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Deck Stair Treads: Are they Really Necessary?

Installing stair treads on the deck or patio is a smart, affordable way to improve the safety and appearance of your home or business. Let's face it: the deck is a place that's prone to accidents - from slippery stairs after the rain to steep and unconventional outdoor configurations - and so you want to ensure that they're as safe as possible for family, friends, the elderly and pets.

Here are some benefits of installing stair treads on your deck:

  • Stair treads add traction, effectively preventing slips and falls
  • Stair treads are designed to reduce wear and tear on your stairs
  • Stair treads help nervous and elderly pets better navigate the stairway
  • Outdoor stair treads help collect tracked-in dirt and moisture before guests enter your home

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Finding the Right Stair Treads for Your Deck

Dean Flooring Company manufactures a large variety of high-quality, American-made carpet stair treads designed specifically for outdoor use. These treads are seriously slip-resistant for superior safety and are very easy to clean, even when they've been exposed to extreme weather and large volumes of foot traffic. We carry the best outdoor stair treads to match your deck and landscape, from solid-colored styles that complement hardwood and brick to subtle woven styles that add some interest and dimension.

Consider the Dean Premium Indoor/Outdoor Stair Treads and Mat if you'd like to purchase a set that comes with the individual stair treads as well as a landing mat for added safety and style. This option requires indoor/outdoor double-sided carpet tape, but is fast and easy to install yourself. If you'd like a tape-free style so you don't have to bother with adhesives, consider our Dean Hatteras Flatweave stair treads that are made with an adhesive backing so you can simply stick and go.