Stair Tread Materials

PolyesterAt Dean Flooring Company, we carry hundreds of different types of stair treads, giving you, the customer, a huge range of options and maximum flexibility. By browsing or searching our selection of stair treads online at, you can find exactly the type of stair tread that will best fit your situation, needs and budget. Not all stair tread materials are created equal, but we're prepared to help you navigate the different options to ensure that your aesthetic, preferences and unique needs are met. A variety of considerations are listed below to ensure that you get the style that's best suited for you.

Sometimes the choices for stair treads can seem overwhelming. One way to narrow down the huge list of choices is to decide which type of stair tread material you will be shopping for. At Dean Flooring Company, we sell stair treads made from many different types of materials. In fact, we manufacture all of the stair treads we sell ourselves. Combine that cutting out of the middleman along with our online shopping experience, which eliminates the high overhead of fancy show rooms, and we can reduce costs significantly and pass those savings along to you, our customer. Once you've determined which material is best for your home, you can easily shop by material at Dean Flooring Company.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Stair Treads

As with most things, stair treads vary in materials and in quality. Also as with most things, you usually get what you pay for. So the first thing you should do when thinking about the type of stair tread material that is right for you is to think about where and how you will be using it. The stair treads you would buy for a grand staircase leading up from a gorgeous living room or ball room would differ significantly in material and in cost from the stair treads you would purchase for leading down to your basement storage area, for instance. Stair treads on outdoor steps to the front of your house would play a much bigger role in curb appeal, of course, than stair treads on steps leading up to a patio in the back yard.

Natural Fiber SisalAlthough stair treads are most commonly used indoors, they are also very useful for outdoor steps and stairs. In fact, one of the main benefits of stair treads - helping protecting people and pets from slips and falls - can become an even greater concern outdoors, where rain, ice, sleet and snow can make going up and down stairs even more hazardous.

If you are shopping for stair treads that you intend to use outdoors, however, you should be sure to look only at stair treads labeled for indoor/outdoor use or for outdoor use. These stair treads have been specially manufactured to stand up to the elements that they will be exposed to day in and day out the whole year round. Many of the outdoor stair treads that we carry at Dean Flooring Company have been UV stabilized to resist the sun's damaging rays and have backings of tough all-weather nonskid rubber and edges that won't unravel or delaminate when exposed to the elements.

Stair Tread Materials: Manmade vs. Natural

To divide stair tread materials in the most general way, you will face two basic choices: natural materials and manmade materials. In general, natural materials will be more expensive. Heavier face weight will also contribute to a higher cost. But some natural materials for stair treads are surprisingly affordable. In any case, many people prefer them because of their natural beauty and inherently warm, comfortable and luxurious appeal.

Stair treads made of manmade materials generally will cost less than those made of natural materials, and in general they will be easier to take care of and in many cases more durable. With continuous improvements and advances in technology and manufacturing processes, some manmade materials have become difficult to distinguish from natural materials and offer great beauty and attractiveness combined with easy care and durability.


Foremost among the natural materials is wool. Wool is prized for its warmth, feel and natural good looks. It's a high-end product that's a top choice for areas of your home or business that you want to showcase. Wool has an elegant finish that will add class and a luxurious feel to your home or office.

Further, wool ages gracefully. Like many natural materials, it can look even better as it gets older. Thanks to its superior insulating qualities, wool feels warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Wool is also naturally long wearing, so although the initial investment in wool stair treads may be higher, it likely will pay off in much longer wear than many other materials. Besides all these and many other benefits, wool is biodegradable and earth friendly.

At Dean Flooring Company, we offer you multiple choices in wool and wool-blend stair treads, including many that are made from all-natural 100 percent premium New Zealand wool, which will give your staircase an aura of opulence and grace. These stair treads are finished with color-matching yarn and will beautify as well as protect your staircase. If you have a wool rug or carpet nearby, you can find a color scheme and design in our big selection of wool stair treads online at to match.

New Zealand WoolSisal and Seagrass

In addition to wool, other natural choices at Dean Flooring Company include sisal and seagrass stair treads. Each of these materials exudes nature's natural beauty, which is hard if not impossible for humans to imitate or equal. These materials are easy on the eye and would be perfect for a beach house or a rustic getaway. If you love the warmth and texture of woven stair treads, then sisal or seagrass may be the perfect solution for you. Our customers appreciate the subtle, natural-looking design of these clean yet captivating floor coverings.

Made from a type of cactus, sisal is a material that comes mainly from Brazil and Africa. Besides being ecofriendly, this natural material is highly resistant to water and even fire. It offers long wear, and because its tough fibers don't show wear patterns, it's ideal for high-traffic areas such as stairways. In addition to all of these benefits, the soft, natural beauty of this material complements virtually any space.

Harvested from calm inshore coastal waters, seagrass also offers many benefits of natural materials. Highly affordable and ecofriendly seagrass is naturally water and dirt resistant as well as durable, so it will stand up to heavy use. It's also stain resistant, which makes it a good choice for places with kids or pets. It's comfortable to walk on, and like all natural materials, it looks just right with just about any background.


For stair treads made of manmade materials, nylon is a top choice. Though a premium manmade material, it often costs less than premium natural materials such as wool. This material boasts several benefits. It's very easy to spot clean or vacuum. Nylon is resilient and durable, meaning that it will stand up to heavy foot traffic and will last a long time. This material holds colors well, which means that designs woven into these stair treads will look sharp, bright and detailed. Thanks to its durability, nylon stair treads in indoor-outdoor or outdoor versions are especially good for outdoor applications where moisture will be a concern.


If you are on a tight budget or are looking for stair treads in an area where first impressions aren't quite as important, polypropylene stair treads may be the right choice for you. These stair treads are good looking and long wearing. They're perfect for high traffic stairs that get a lot of use and abuse because they're tough and durable. They are highly resistant to stains, and they also tend to resist tracked-in dirt, which makes them a top choice for households with young, romping children or pets.

Besides protecting the people and pets who use these stairs, durable polypropylene stair treads will also guard the underlying hardwood or carpet against wear, tear, spills and stains. And it's a lot less expensive to install stair treads than it is to replace hardwood steps or even staircase carpet. At Dean Flooring company, we have many 100 percent polypropylene stair treads that are appropriate for outdoor placement. The high-UV stabilized construction makes them enduring in the face of constant exposure to the sun, rain and other elements. Plus, they are very easy to clean.


Polyester is another material that you should keep in mind if you're looking for highly affordable stair treads that are tough, durable and easy to keep clean. Although inexpensive, this material is long lasting and resists stains and fading. As such, it's also a good choice for households with pets and kids. Polyester stair treads are available in a wide range of colors and designs that will work with practically any design outline. Browse our selection of polyester stair treads at to find the size, style and design that works best for you.

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