Pet Friendly Carpet Stair Treads

Southwestern Lodge Cabin Pet Friendly Stair Treads Pet-Friendly Carpet Stair Treads by Dean Flooring Company

Whether you're looking for unique ways to make your home more accommodating for anxious pets or are in need of quality hardwood stair coverings that will help you retain the long-term value of your home, pet-friendly carpet stair treads by Dean Flooring Company are an excellent solution. The proper non-slip stair treads can improve safety, security, and sure-footedness (or pawing) for cats, dogs, and people. Dean Flooring Company makes superior-quality, family-friendly stair treads for all home décor styles.

Made for Anxious Pets

So what makes our stair treads pet-friendly? A variety of things, but one of the most important things about carpet stair treads is that they provide a skid-free surface area that's ideal for helping your pup better navigate the staircase. Pet owners love to see how anxious dogs positively respond to our high-quality carpet stair treads - dogs that were once unsure about navigating steep and slippery staircases suddenly descend and ascend with ease. These quality dog-friendly carpet treads are made with non-skid, padded foam that not only keeps them in place but also helps reduce noise and echo to calm anxious dogs.

Superior Paw Protection

Protecting your flooring investment can be a real chore when you're a serious pet-lover, but installing carpet treads is a simple, affordable way to help ensure that your pets don't scuff up the floor. Protecting hardwood floor stairs from a playful pup's paws guarantees a longer life and fewer nicks and imperfections so you don't have to pour money into floor replacement and refinishing throughout the life of your home. Dean Flooring Company's protective carpet stair treads fully protect the majority of each stair for a safe stair covering that's shielded against even the sharpest claws.

Easier to CleanGray Non-slip Pet Friendly Stair Treads

If you own multiple pets, you know that the stairs are a magnet for fur balls. Clumps of fur tend to accumulate along each stair's molding and corners, creating a real headache when you're trying to clean with a broom. Carpet stair treads are preferred by people with multiple pets, because they can be easily cleaned during routine vacuuming. Each set of quality Dean Stair Treads may be easily removed - with no residue left behind - if you want to give your stairs a deep clean periodically. As an added bonus, high-quality and good-looking carpet stair treads by Dean Flooring Company are engineered for serious stain-resistance, so accidents are less of a hassle.

Adds Safety Indoors & Out

Dean Flooring Company supplies both indoor and outdoor carpet stair treads for helping make your whole home more comfortable and safe for your pet. Heavy-duty, long-lasting outdoor carpet treads are perfect for families with both youthful and elderly animals, as they help them safely navigate the stairs by providing exceptional traction and paw-friendly cushion. Of course, our stair treads for porches and patio stairs are also super stain-resistant to keep them looking fresh and new even after years of high-traffic wear and tear and extended exposure to the elements.

Long-Term Quality

Our carpet stair treads are made with exceptional quality materials designed to last. Made in the U.S., Dean Flooring Company products are constructed with top-quality materials like 30-ounce premium recyclable nylon and 100 percent all natural fiber sisal that offers excellent resistance to stains and scuffs. What's more, our carpet treads are amazingly soft and comfortable for a heavenly underfoot experience for people and pets alike. Remember, most traditional carpet runners and treads are made for quality or aesthetic - not both - but Dean Flooring Company never asks you to compromise.

Premium Stair Gripper Pet Friendly Stair Tread in GrayUnique Features

Many pet owners appreciate Dean Flooring Company's devotion to innovative new technologies and features specifically for pets. Our tape-free pet-friendly stair runners are unique in that they require zero tapes, adhesives and staples - particularly hazardous materials for animals and children - and are incredibly simple to install. DIY stair treads are an excellent solution for primary residences, pet-friendly apartments and rentals, boarding facilities, groomers, pet shops and other environments that need to be 100 percent pet-safe.

Pet-Friendly Flooring by the Experts

Dean Flooring Company is one of the only makers of stair treads with a specific focus on pets. That means that we're able to offer all the benefits of treads listed above without sacrificing on beauty, style, warmth and aesthetic. We carry dog-friendly stair covers in dozens of colors, styles, materials and sizes to meet the unique demands of your home and design scheme. We also carry dog-friendly landing pads and area rugs to match your dog-friendly stair treads. Don't see a style that suits your vision? Just reach out to us and we'll gladly help you create custom stair treads to your precise needs.