Outdoor Carpets and Carpeting Reviews

Ebony Outdoor Patio Event CarpetAs a product concept, outdoor carpeting has been on the market for many years, although recently, innovations in materials science have made these carpet solutions much more cost-efficient and durable. Much of this change has to do with the use of integrated fibers such as olefin since these materials incorporate UV-resistance as an additional advantage.

The result creates numerous highly-durable finished products suitable for installation on a host of surface substrates including wood, concrete, and laminate flooring. Additionally, new manufacturing methods have created tougher products that last much longer than previous iterations.

Contour Terra Cotta Spice Patio DeckDirect usage of this carpet type includes virtually any solution imaginable, ranging from golf range applications, home or commercial pool side installations, and general outdoor accent solutions, to complete fairway or park-side utilization. In all cases usage goals are driven by low initial costs, reduce maintenance, and ease of installation.

Outdoor carpet is typically glued directly to base flooring by means of several types of adhesives, or in some cases, adhesive stripping, or purpose-cut adhesive matting can be applied if the carpet size and configuration is applicable. Since today's outdoor materials typically utilize rubber or marine backing, rather than more traditional laminated jute or woven polypropylene processes, adhesive use is further enhanced, since in these cases, they tend to resist water as a matter of course.

Golf Course Green Outdoor RugDean Flooring Company offers a number of outstanding outdoor carpet products, and since today's market lives and dies on customer ratings here are the top-5 showcase products in their outdoor carpet line:

Dean Indoor/Outdoor Green Artificial Grass Turf Area Rug 6' x 8'. Although this outdoor solution is not necessarily defined as carpet, in many case the application can work equally well as any other fabric woven variant.

Dean Silver Shores 20 oz. Patterned Indoor/Outdoor Marine Boat/Deck/Patio Carpet/Rugs - 8'6" x 10'.  Dean's outdoor or boat carpet offers attractive wave cut and loop construction, and is UV treated, fade resistant, and made from heavy yarn to ensure that an outdoor surface will look great year after year.

Dean Chocolate Brown Indoor/Outdoor Patio Deck Boat Entrance Carpet/Rug Mat - Size: 4' x 6'. Dean's patio deck product offers a marine backing integrated with a 100% UV stabilized polypropylene fiber top-level. The product provides for all-weather solutions, and is accented by color matched binding tape on each corner.

Dean Red Indoor/Outdoor Patio Deck Boat Entrance Event Carpet/Rug Runner Mat - Size: 6' x 10'. This product offers all-weather use applying non-skid latex rubber backing. The carpet is entirely fade resistant, and suitable for both home and commercial use.

Dean Flooring Company Ebony 6' x 8' Indoor/Outdoor Patio Deck Boat Entrance Event Carpet/Rug Mat with Marine Backing. This product can be used for nearly outdoor purpose including; decks, patios, yards, parks, picnics, and camping, in addition to pools, boat carpet, entrance ways, decks, and under grills.

In all cases, regardless of measurement, or configuration, these carpet products offer numerous customer values for any outdoor purpose. Particularly since, all Dean outdoor products are affordable and easy to install. The company also offers customized sizes, and all products are provided direct from the factory in Dalton Georgia, insuring that delivery will always offer a quick turn-around.