Non-slip Rug Pads

Stop your area rugs, runners and mats from moving by ordering custom-cut, non-slip rug pads. We have a variety of innovative designs and styles that provide cushiony comfort. At the same time, our non-slip rug pads protect your flooring. Our pads fit beneath antique area rugs, runners and even kitchen mats, and we have double-sided adhesive mesh installation tape as well. We recommend adding a non-skid rug pad to your order if you're purchasing a rug from Dean Flooring Company without a non-skid backing. These pads can also be purchased to secure rugs you already own, regardless of their size or age.

We manufacture high-quality, long-lasting non-slip rug pads that are durable yet affordable. Not only do these pads keep your rugs in place and prevent slipping, but they also add extra cushion for that fluffy feel underfoot and help protect your floors and rugs at the same time. What's more, some of these pads are also engineered to provide grade-A thermal insulation and offer excellent acoustical properties, so they're ideal for environments where you want to reduce or dampen noise.

At Dean Flooring Company, we can make any size rug pads. Whether you're looking for a set of 27-inch-by-9-inch Dean Ultra Non-Skid Rug Pads for stair treads or you need a custom size for unique stairs, including wedge-shaped steps, please call us so we can customize your order. We specialize in offering custom non-slip rug pads for home- and business-owners looking for pads to secure unconventional shaped rugs. Have one custom-made if you're working with an oversized (or undersized) rug or are working with an odd shape or size.

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