Ideas for Event Carpets and Runners

Fleur-De-Lys Pattern Runner RugEvent carpets and runners are exceedingly useful style elements for tradeshows and commercial exhibits, since they transform convention style booths, or communal meeting areas into inviting areas where folks can talk and mingle. In these events, Dean Flooring Company provides for a wide-array of custom length stair runners, hall runners, hallway runners, carpet runners, floor runners and more; while at the same time, offering reasonable prices that any commercial exhibitor will appreciate.

Available products are customized and offered by the linear foot, or on the basis of pre-established measurements. Patterns, styles and materials range from solids, borders, patterns, sisals, wools, nylons and more. The customer can also apply Dean stairway runners, small area rugs, and patterned accents to round out any available palette and styling decision, since all of these detail elements are entirely compliant with the company's larger patterns, materials and style.

Shop Runner RugsThe large mix of configurations offers "lay down" installation that can be easily rolled up, stored, or moved to another location with little or no effort. In the case of trade operations, convention or venue managers will typically offer some sort of base carpeting congruent with the measurements of one, or more, individually branded booth, or larger communal space.

In these events, base carpet colors are usually subdued and highly-limited. In order to create dissimilarly when compared against other exhibitors, event carpets or accent runners can not only enhance the primary choice, but also directly support the color values of a particular commercial palette.

Another advantage applies in the case of configuration. In many cases, larger trade spaces utilize subordinate enclosures that can serve as intimate meeting rooms, and/or sales offices. These areas are easily enhanced by accent-driven carpeting, such as stacked oriental rugs, or other colorful, yet pattern-dense, floor coverings.

Hop Scotch Terra Cotta Runner Rug Perhaps the most useful benefit of these carpet applications involves overall cost because, regardless of size and/or pattern, event carpet products typically offer reasonable prices in return for delivering highly expanded visual appeal. This is particularly noteworthy since the overall trade market is looking for more organically designed exhibit spaces going forward.

This newly won attention to natural hues and textures go very nicely with the idea of durable, and patterned event carpeting since is can be applied or not, depending on the business situation. For example, if an exhibitor needs an intimate setting to initiate or close a deal, cover the floor with several patterned rugs that are color- accented with - or against - a particular company's color overall pallet.

In the end of the day, then, these applications not only allow for any foot-sore prospect to feel plush luxury under his/her feet, but the experience immediately creates a level of attentive calm that any commercial booth exhibitor can likely leverage resulting in a positive commercial dialogue.