How to Place an Area Rug in a Living Room

Adding an area rug to your living room can change the appearance and mood of the entire room. The placement of an area rug in a living room is more complex than you may realize, as you have several choices. The size of the area rug as well as where you choose to place the rug with relation to the furniture and walls can greatly affect the room's appearance. Before you purchase your area rug, here are some important things to consider.

Your Living Room Area Rug and its Purpose

Why are you buying an area rug for a living room? If the reason is to unify the room and join individual furniture pieces together, then you will want a large area rug that you can place several pieces of furniture on - for example, a couch, chairs and a coffee table. A larger area rug will better absorb sound in a noisy room. For defining multiple areas in a larger living room, you can use multiple smaller area rugs.

Choosing the Living Room Layout and Area Rug Size

The classic layout is a large area rug with all of the furniture legs on it. In this design, the size of the rug depends upon the size of the room and the furniture. This brings the room together and connects furniture into a cohesive grouping. A larger area rug will be more successful at reducing noise. Just don't block any air vents, floor outlets or a doorway with the edges of the area rug.

Another option is to only have the front legs of the main furnishings in a particular conversational grouping on the rug. For this design, the area rug can be slightly smaller, such as a 7-foot by 9-foot rug. There can be variations, such as a sofa and side tables partially on the rug, with a coffee table and chairs fully on. Experiment with a large cloth to see how the different placements change the room's appearance.

You can also use a smaller area rug, around 5-foot by 7-foot, that you place underneath the coffee table only. With furnishings close but not touching, you're still creating a connected grouping and inviting conversation area. In this design, make sure the area rug is the same size or slightly larger than the couch. This is a smart and practical solution for a smaller living room and for apartments.

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