How to Install a Carpet Runner on Angled Stairs

While putting a carpet runner on a straight staircase is pretty straightforward, the process becomes a little more complex when trying to install a carpet runner on angled stairs or a curved staircase. However, it's not impossible! The main difference is that it requires additional planning beforehand and careful measurements, to minimize carpet waste and get professional results.

Carpeting for Angled Stairs - Examine Staircase

Carefully examine the staircase you wish to add carpeting to. Are all the steps uniformly angled? If it appears that certain steps are shaped differently or are different sizes, you will need to measure each step separately. If this is the case, it's extremely helpful to make a paper pattern for each individual step.

Make a Stair Template to Carpet Angled Stairs

To make a stair template for a carpet runner installation, use brown heavy Kraft paper or a similar type of material that is strong, durable and won't tear. It should be rigid and not stretchy. Starting at the first step from the bottom floor, place the material on the step, starting from the back edge of the tread and ending at the bottom of the riser below it. Use blue tape to secure it to the step (blue tape won't damage the step's finish). Add 3 inches to the depth of the template, as a safety precaution. Cut the material to the exact shape of the step.

Note: If you want some wood to show on both sides, center your template and cut 3 inches from each side.

Number each template on the back so you know which pattern is for which step, and so you know which way is up. Make a separate set of patterns for your rug padding. This rug padding should be 1 inch less on all sides, so that carpeting can be directly stapled to the tread more securely.

Angled Stairs Carpet Runner - How to Install

After cutting each step of your staircase rug (and, if desired), you're ready to install them. You'll be installing each step separately, one at a time. Start by stapling the rug padding, and then staple each piece of rug runner. Staple at all corners and in 2-3 inch intervals on all sides.

If you are using tackless carpet strips to secure your runner sections, you'll first be stapling each tackless strip to the back of each tread.