How to Choose the Right Stair Treads for your Home

Premium New Zealand Wool CarpetOverview

Stair treads are a simple, affordable way to add warmth and style to any home. Often designed for fast and easy installation, carpet stair treads can be quickly applied to stairs without the help of a professional. Dean Flooring Company makes top-quality indoor and outdoor stair treads that can help improve stairway safety by adding traction to slippery stairways and make cleaning stairs easier than before. These inexpensive stairway coverings are also excellent floor protectors and will shield your hardwood or tile flooring from scuffs, nicks and scratches while adding a fresh new look to tired-looking steps.


Before you determine the desired aesthetic of your stair treads, you'll want to decide which material is best for your unique needs. You should choose a construction that can hold up to the level of foot traffic and wear and tear you expect to see on the stairway. Use this handy reference guide to zero-in on the right material for your flooring.

  • Wool stair treads: Select wool in medium foot traffic homes and in spaces where you want superior softness underfoot.
  • Polypropylene stair treads: Also known as olefin, polypropylene is wonderful for heavy foot traffic environments and offers excellent stain resistance. Polypropylene may be used indoors and out.
  • Sisal stair treads: Sisal is a natural plant fiber that's strong, durable and long-lasting enough for placement in high foot traffic environments. It offers a natural look but is not as soft as wool or polypropylene.
  • Seagrass stair treads: Naturally durable and incredibly stain-resistant, seagrass is a good choice for busy homes. Seagrass is also known to be very low maintenance in comparison to other types of carpeting.
  • Nylon stair treads: Place in heavy foot traffic environments. Nylon offers great stain resistance and is easy to clean.


StyleClassic Antique Carpet Stair Tread

Dean Flooring Company carries many styles of stair treads to help match your home décor motif. We have traditional and oriental stair treads with colorful, intricate designs as well as simple, solid-colored stair treads that work well in a more modern environment. If you're looking for stair covers for a down-to-earth home, you'll love natural fiber stair treads made from naturally beautiful seagrass or sisal. Dean Flooring Company specializes in stylish stair treads, and you'll also find striped and animal print stair treads and rugs in our awesome assortment. Dean Flooring Company offers a great selection of matching stair treads, landing mats and area rugs if you'd like to tie the theme together throughout your home.

Special Features

Stair treads may be ordered in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate your staircase. You will want to determine whether you want bullnose stair treads or standard stair treads before placing an order. Bullnose treads wrap around the edge of each stair for a more continuous look, while standard stair treads leave a bit of space between the edge of the tread and the edge of the step. If you're buying stair treads for outdoor environments, you'll want to be sure you purchase UV stabilized stair treads that are treated to withstand constant exposure to the sun. These sun-protective treads are also great for placement in foyers, solariums and other rooms where excessive sunlight is expected.

Natural Fiber SeagrassSizing

Before placing your order, you'll need to properly measure your staircase for stair treads. To measure stairs, record the length and width of the step. Measure for how you want the treads to rest on the step - for example, you might want each tread to leave an inch around to expose hardwood or you might prefer that it completely covers each step - and write it down. Don't forget to mark down how many steps you want to cover. To measure for bullnose stair treads, measure the complete length and width of the step's surface area. Dean Flooring Company carries a huge selection of pre-cut stair treads for fast ordering, but we can also create custom sized stair treads for more challenging spaces.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Once you've placed your order, you'll want to decide whether or not to install your stair treads on your own or have a professional flooring company assist you. The good news is, if you've purchased your treads from Dean Flooring Company, you'll be able to quickly and easily install them yourself.  DIY stair treads by Dean Flooring Company may be installed with staples, tacks or glue if preferred, but that usually is not necessary. If you prefer traditional stair runners, you may need to hire a professional carpet installer.  So if you choose DIY carpet stair treads from Dean Flooring Company, please enjoy the cost savings over other more traditional options.