Discovering the Perfect Carpet Runner for Weddings

A wedding is a very special day, and you want everything to be perfect, down to the aisle runner carpet. While practical concerns such as durability are important, style is essential. You also want to have a large selection of many different colors and styles, so that you can best match the carpet runner with the rest of your wedding venue décor.

Indoor/Outdoor Wedding Aisle Carpet Runners

Purchasing an indoor/outdoor wedding carpet runner is a smart idea, even if your wedding ceremony is indoors. Why is that? Because these types of indoor/outdoor carpet runners will be especially durable for heavy foot traffic. This is especially true when you buy your wedding carpet from Dean Flooring Company. Our polypropylene indoor/outdoor wedding aisle rugs are designed to be resistant to fading and are made with non-skid latex rubber backing. They're very easy to clean, so you can easily keep them looking like new by just hosing off, vacuuming or sweeping. The edges are bound for no fraying - another important feature to look for in a wedding aisle carpet. They come in various colors. The typical width is 6 feet, though you'll find many different lengths, all the way up to 50 feet.

Wedding Area Rugs for Your Reception

In addition to the highest quality wedding aisle carpet runners, we also have exceptionally well-designed area rugs for outdoor wedding tents and other special events. They're made with the same long-lasting quality as our carpet runners. Some styles are made from U.V. olefin grass, which is stain and fade resistant.

Dean Flooring Company prides itself on unsurpassed customer service. We'll help you choose the perfect carpeting for your special day!