Dean Ultra Premium Stair Gripper Non-Slip Tape Free Pet Friendly DIY Satin Soft Nylon Carpet Stair Treads/Rugs 30" x 9" (15) - Color: Saddle Tan

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Bring style and safety to your home or office by ordering a set of 15 30-inch by 9-inch Non-Slip, Tape-Free DIY Stair Treads from Dean Flooring Company. These pet-friendly, satin-soft nylon carpet stair treads can extend the life of your high-traffic hardwood stairs by preventing dirt from digging into the finish.

These beautiful treads are Saddle Tan in color, which is neutral enough to complement nearly any decorative style. Because they're designed to fit most standard stairs, they'll look great as soon as you install them. Every step rewards you with plush softness, and they are ideal for homes, offices and other spaces.

Our 30-inch by 9-inch Non-Slip, Tape-Free DIY Stair Treads increase traction so you can worry less about you, your guests and your pets slipping on the steps. Our amazing non-skid padded backing prevents movement and adds cushion.

Made in the U.S. from stain-resistant, 39-ounce premium recyclable nylon carpeting, each tread features non-slip padded foam backing. These treads can stand up to high traffic while maintaining their super-soft, luxurious feel. They are resistant to abrasive wear, food and beverage stains, and pet urine stains. They also resist static shock. Each tread is finished with premium color-matching yarn.

Do-it-yourself installation is quick and easy with our unique non-slip backing. Simply place your stair tread rugs on your staircase and go. No tapes, adhesives, staples, glue or Velcro necessary. You can rest assured that these treads won't move, and they won't damage your hardwood, either.

Removal is easy, and there won't be sticky residue on your steps when you take them off for cleaning or replacement. You may remove your treads for cleaning and reattach them when you are done.

This set includes 15 pieces, and each tread measures approximately 30 inches by 9 inches. Place them in the center of each step to instantly revitalize your entire staircase.

We make our own stair treads at Dean Flooring Company, and our products are not available from anyone else. When you shop with us, you get luxury at an affordable price.

  • Amazing non-skid padded backing prevents movement and adds cushion
  • Helps prevent slips on your hardwood stairs
  • Made 100 percent in the U.S. of premium, soft nylon carpet
  • This set includes 15 pieces measuring approximately 30 inches by 9 inches each
  • Protects your hardwood stairs from wear and tear