Dean Premium Carpet Stair Treads - Talas Floral Red Plus a Matching 5' Runner

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Premium Carpet Stair Treads by Dean Flooring Company. Color: Red Face: 100% Polypropylene. Backing: Woven. Edges: Finished on all four sides with color matching yarn. Set includes 13 pieces plus a matching 5' runner for your landing. Each tread measures approximately 31" x 9". Easy to spot clean and vacuum. Helps prevent slips on your hardwood stairs. Great for helping your dog easily navigate your slippery staircase. Reduces noise. Reduces wear and tear on your hardwood stairs. Attractive: adds a fresh new look to your staircase. Easy, affordable DIY installation with double sided carpet tape (not included). Add a touch of warmth and style to your home today with stair treads from Dean Flooring Company!

  • Affordable, modern DIY alternative to traditional stair runners
  • Helps reduce slips on your hardwood stairs
  • Protects your wooden staircase from wear and tear
  • Plush, warm, and comfortable under foot
  • Even helps your dog easily navigate you slippery hardwood stairs
  • Set includes 13 stair treads plus a matching 5' runner