Dean Carpet Stair Treads 27" x 9" Fresco Beige Plush (13) plus 2' x 3' Mat

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These stylish stair treads by Dean Flooring Company extend the life of your high-traffic hardwood areas while increasing traction to reduce slips by properly securing to your steps. Great for homes with pets and kids, these plush beige stair treads cut down on tracked-in dirt and make cleaning a breeze. Our DIY stair treads are also uniquely designed to be exceptionally pet-friendly and help elderly or youthful dogs safely navigate hardwood stairs. The 100 percent premium-quality nylon construction and 35-ounce stain- and spill-resistant plush nylon offers superior longevity for busy homes.

The attractive Fresco Beige is stylish and sophisticated to match any home décor scheme. Use these beige stair treads to cover dull, worn or unfinished hardwood stairs or replace old stair treads for a fresh, updated look. Each 27" by 9" set features Dean's signature rounded corners and comes with 13 carpet stair treads, a matching 2' by 3' landing mat plus one roll of double-sided carpet tape for easy, do-it-yourself installation. Each tread is finished on the edges with color-matching yarn. Because there are no bulky fastening strips, you may remove your treads for easy cleaning and re-attach them when done. Dean Flooring Company also offers quality beige area rugs to match these treads if you prefer to have the rest of your home's flooring match your treads,

  • Helps prevent slips on your hardwood stairs
  • Protects your hardwood stairs from wear and tear
  • Helps your dog easily navigate your slippery staircase
  • Made 100% in the USA exclusively by Dean Flooring Company
  • Plush 35 oz. stain resistant, quality, long-lasting nylon carpet