Dean Affordable Non-Skid DIY Peel & Stick 23" x 8" Carpet Stair Treads - Beige & Brown Tweed Dog Bone - Set of 13

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 Easy to buy as well as to install, Dean affordable nonskid DIY carpet  stair treads from Dean Flooring Company will also provide you  uncompromising quality. Made in the U.S. by Dean  Flooring Company, this 13-tread set requires no additional adhesive. Measuring  approximately 23 inches by 8 inches, each pf these peel-and-stick carpet  stair treads will stay firmly in place on your stairs, helping to  ensure safety for you, your family, friends and pets.
In  addition to protecting those who go up and down your stairs, these  quality carpet stair treads will protect your hardwood stairs and help  them last longer. They will also reduce noise and are easy to clean.
Although it provides a firm grip that requires no additional taping,  the adhesive on these carpet stair tread is gentle on your stairs and  won't mar the wood. These carpet stair treads are as easy to remove as  they are to install if you want to change the look of your stairs or  just want to wash them. The edges of these 100 percent nylon carpet  stair treads will not fray.
The unique dog bone shape of these stair treads will surely show your love for your pooch while making him perfectly comfortable traveling your otherwise slippery and dangerous stairs.  This high quality set will stand up to high traffic from even the largest dogs for many, many years.