Custom stair treads and custom length stair runners and hallway runners

Area RugsOverview

Dean Flooring Company is happy to offer custom-sized and custom-shaped stair treads and runners to help meet your precise flooring vision. We are also eager to customize your package with the correct quantity to meet your exact needs while not wasting your money on extra product that you don't need.  We can do just about anything - whether you need specialty stair coverings for commercial stairways or have an extra-long (or short!) stairway to accommodate - to ensure that you get the exact floor coverings you need. Custom stair treads and custom runner rugs from Dean Flooring Company may be ordered for quantity, size or shape. In most cases, if you see a pattern or material you prefer listed on our online store, we can customize the size and quantity for you.

Custom Rug Options:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Quantity
  • Length
  • Width

Why Customize?

The fact of the matter is, no two stairways or hallways are exactly alike. If you're working in a restoration environment, a commercial environment or just have a highly precise vision, customized stair treads and runners are probably the right solution for you. Never try to retrofit or cut non-custom stair treads to meet your size or spatial needs. This can lead to ill-fitting and unsafe stair coverings that can cause preventable slips, falls and unnecessary injuries. Forcing pre-cut area rugs or hallway runners into the wrong space can compromise the entire aesthetic of a room. Let Dean Flooring Company handle all of your custom carpet stair tread needs.

Custom Stair Treads

Dean Flooring Company is pleased to supply you with customized stair treads for the stairway in your home or business. We offer a broad selection of patterns, styles and materials to choose from - including solids, patterns, Orientals, stripes, polypropylene, natural fibers, wool, nylon and more - that can custom-fit to your staircase. Our non-custom stair treads generally come in sets of 13 and range in size from 24 inches wide and smaller to 36 inches wide. If you need large or small stair treads or a larger quantity to accommodate steps outside of this range, you likely will need to order custom stair treads from Dean Flooring Company. We're happy to customize treads for extra-long stairways and steep stairways, too.

Custom Stair RunnersRunner Rugs

You may easily order a custom-length stair runner by the linear foot at Dean Flooring Company to ensure a precise length and a budget-friendly price. When ordering your custom stair runner, simply enter the length that you want in feet in the quantity field at checkout. Simple ordering of custom stair runners means you get to pick from dozens of stylish patterns, prints, solid colors and materials without having to so much as pick up the telephone. If you find yourself in need of custom-cut stair runners in sizes other than 1-foot increments, you can place an order by phone at 1-800-616-8808. Many Dean Flooring Company runner rugs may be ordered with matching stair treads, area rugs, landing mats and hallway runners for a coordinated look.

Custom Hallway Rugs

Shopping for the perfect sized hallway rugs and runners can be a real challenge. Simplify the process by ordering a custom-length hallway runner from Dean Flooring Company. Simply measure your hallway and determine how much covering you want and then place your order online. Dean Flooring Company sells a huge variety of attractive, high-quality hallway runners by the linear foot to make placing custom-orders simpler than ever. Similar to our custom-sized stairway runners, custom hallway rugs may be in increments other than the linear foot by calling our customer service line at 1-800-616-8808.

Stair TreadsCustom Shapes

In addition to custom sizes and quantities, Dean Flooring Company is able to assist with your custom-shaped stair treads and rugs. Many homes have staircases with spiral stairs or curved stairs or turns in their staircases that create odd shaped steps.  Its easy covering those odd stairs with custom shaped carpet stair treads from Dean Flooring Company.  Homeowners and business-owners with stubborn spaces - too large, too small or too complex - love finding an affordable, attractive solution in custom-shaped area rugs and hallway runners. This option is particularly helpful for adding flooring to areas where there's permanent furniture, oversized landings, extra-wide hallways or unique architectural features that cannot be altered. There's no shape too complicated for Dean Flooring Company.


Ordering your custom-sized stair treads, custom-length stair runners and custom-length hallway runners is simple and hassle-free at Dean Flooring Company. Order by the linear foot (specify how many feet you need at checkout) or give us a call to place a more precise order. If you're ready to purchase custom runners now, contact us anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Please note that when you purchase custom rugs from Dean Flooring Company, items become non-returnable. Our custom length runners and stair treads are finished on all four sides and cannot be altered or adjusted after you place your order. Dean Flooring Company is happy to assist you one-on-one to ensure that your order is placed properly and suits your unique needs.