Choosing the Right Area Rug for the Kitchen

Kitchens are busy places with a lot of foot traffic. This is why safety is a primary concern when choosing the perfect area rug for a kitchen. The right area rug for a kitchen will also be one that keeps those preparing meals comfortable when on their feet for long periods of time. At family owned Dean Flooring Company, we know that the kitchen can be one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. This is why we offer a selection of kitchen rugs specially designed for this important family gathering place.

Non-Slip, Washable Kitchen Area Rugs

The two most important characteristics of an ideal kitchen rug is that it can be easily washed and that it won't slip. All of our kitchen area rugs meet these key guidelines. Whether it's a washable carpet runner that can be used along the floor in front of a countertop or a rustic kitchen mat that can be used in front of a sink, these kitchen area rugs are made from washable nylon material and have non-skid rubber backing. The edges are full finished on all sides with matching yarn, which means they can withstand heavy foot traffic without fraying. Also, for the purpose of complementary décor throughout your home, many styles have matching Dean Flooring Company stair treads.

Safety and Style - Kitchen Rugs with a Message

In addition to safety and durability, style is very important when choosing a kitchen area rug. Not only do we have area rugs for the kitchen with vibrant colors and designs. We also offer kitchen mats with inspirational messages that will bolster your spirits throughout your busy day.