Choosing the Ideal Size Area Rug for a Dining Room

In choosing the ideal area rug for your dining room, you must consider both style and function. Size is especially important, as the rug must allow for freedom of movement while minimizing safety concerns and possible tripping hazards. But how do you decide what is big enough yet not too big?

Selecting Area Rug Size for a Dining Room: Furniture First
Before you decide on the size of a dining room area rug, consider your furniture. While the proper size of an area rug for a dining room greatly depends on the size of the dining room table, you might also have a china cabinet, buffet table, sideboard or other pieces. Leave about 6 inches to 1 foot from the edge of the rug to the other furniture and to the walls, so that china cabinets and other furnishings won't be unbalanced by being partially on and partially off the rug.

Sizing an Area Rug for a Dining Room: Table Size and Chairs

Ideally, a dining room rug should allow at least 18 inches of additional space (24 inches, if the room size allows) on all sides, so that guests can safely pull out their chairs without tripping or catching the chair legs on the rug. Choose a size that provides enough rug to be safe while still showing the hardwood floor. This will make the room feel larger.

An Area Rug for a Dining Room: Not Just Size, But Shape
In addition to the size of your dining room area rug, consider the shape. Use a round rug for a round table, square rug for a square table and rectangular rug for a rectangular table to accentuate the shape of the table. You can also match the rug shape to the room's shape to create an appealing sense of order.

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