Best Area Rug Cleaners: What to Look for in a Rug Cleaner

When your beautiful area rug needs a good cleaning, it's very important that you find the right place to do it. Once you've made an investment in a quality area rug, whether it's a Persian, Oriental, hand-knotted, antique or modern style, there are many variables to consider. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning you can probably do on your own, taking some care according to the rug's materials and construction. However, for a yearly deep cleaning, you should use the services of a professional area rug cleaner. But how do you choose the best rug cleaner and what should you look for?

A Professional Area Rug Cleaner Should Know Their Rugs!

When you call to inquire about area rug cleaning, does the company ask for the age, materials, construction and origin of the rug? There are many different kinds of area rugs, such as Oriental, antique, hand-knotted, woven and braided rugs. Materials may be from natural plant fibers or they may be synthetic. You may have a rug made from natural animal hide and fur. Or the rug might be made from a blend of fibers such as nylon and wool, wool and silk, cotton and rayon or wool and sisal. The rug's fiber type and method of dying will dictate how best to clean it so it isn't damaged. Natural fibers in particular require special care. A truly knowledgeable rug professional will insist upon knowing all they can about your area rug to recommend the best type of cleaning method.

Cleaning Methods for Area Rugs

When inquiring about the services of an expert rug cleaner, it will help to know the 5 main cleaning methods that are used. There's Dry Extraction, Hot Water Extraction, Dry Foam Extraction, Absorbent Pad (Bonnet) and Rotary Shampoo. You can learn more about these methods from reading the Carpet Buyers Handbook.

Finding Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services

Try calling a rug retailer in your local area for names of certified, reliable rug cleaning experts. You can also consult the Carpet Buyers Handbook for a list of names. The carpet cleaning professional should be willing to give you a no-obligation quote and they should also tell you the type of cleaning they would recommend for your particular area rug. In addition to cleaning, they likely offer other services such as area rug repairs, stain removal, color repair, on-location cleaning, soil and stain treatments, odor control and fire and water damage restoration.

Taking the time to do a little research for your area rug professional cleaning will save you time and money in the long-term, keeping your rugs looking like new for many years.