Benefits of Carpet Tile Versus Traditional Carpet

Carpet Tiles - Assorted ColorsWhen it comes to deciding which office or home floor covering makes the most sense in terms of overall flexibility, in many cases, carpet tiles offer the best value for DIY customers. Systems that use individual carpet blocks offer exceptional convenience and have been available for many years, yet they continue to provide ease-of-installation, cost-efficiency and solid utility over time.

Consider the following factors:

Cover any base flooring. Carpet tile is able to be installed on any floor space from concrete to wood, thereby allowing a customer maximum flexibility

Ease of installation. Carpet tiles are the clear choice for DIY customers since installing carpet tiles is a simple process. However, professional floor designers leverage similar values, particularly when design flare is paramount, or a floor space demands oddly-shaped carpet coverage.

Reasonably priced. Carpet tile applications are more cost-efficient, providing for partial or complete coverage for cents on the dollar versus a national average of $2 to $100 per square per foot for traditional floor coverings.

Largely maintenance free and easy to replace. Carpet tile materials are designed to be largely stain resistant, however, in the event of an unrecoverable carpet stain, customers can simply replace individually effected tiles, rather than facing the need to renovate an entire floor space.

Hexagon Carpet TileAlong with the more obvious values mentioned above, there are a host of other less evident elements largely driven by issues of customization. For example, if a customer intends to quickly cover an odd-shaped space like a small pantry, or an integrated bookshelf placed under a stairway, carpet tile offers enormous flexibility since it is quickly installed, and at the same time easily shaped to suit its particular purpose.

In addition, when deciding to fit carpet in more challenging floor spaces, tile solutions also provide easy ways to avoid the need for kicking or stretching, thereby reducing time. In the end of the day, then, all of these elements accrue to minimized cost, since professional installation and fitting processes are not necessary, and time is reduced throughout, leading to bottom line costs that are clearly marginalized.

In large or complex commercial installations the same carpet tile values exist as well. In these cases, the potential of purchasing, applying, and maintaining large single-surface carpet applications can consume enormous amounts of time, not to mention money. In these situations, the flexible nature of tile systems can become a significant advantage to a business' bottom-line, and this value becomes even more useful when a requirement associated with open space-plans is involved.

Carpet TileTypically these kinds of installations cover floor spaces that support not only the placement of business furniture, but also utilize moveable metalized cube assemblies. These components are highly prone to tearing floor coverings when moved, re-configured, or eliminated entirely. However, in the event of a rip, rather than having to deal with an unsightly "hole in the floor"; carpet tile sections can be quickly applied, with a minimum effort.

The same values also apply to office spaces that regularly expand or contract internally, such as executive floors, IT spaces, and legal offices; or in many cases the integration or removal of walls themselves. In each of these events, the configuration of an office space and its necessary floor coverings tend to evolve as well.

If a particular company is growing or contracting, constant office space re-configuration is a usually endemic, requiring constant change in the shape, complexity, and quality of the company's supporting floor coverings. And, again, utilizing a carpet tile approach, rather than the more expected integrated carpet method, reduces overall effort while minimizing cost responsibility for a company.

As previously mentioned earlier in this treatise, carpet tile products have been useful tools for home and office for many years. However, the value of these products is still entirely legitimate for DIY and professional purposes, regardless of their legacy character.

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