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Area Rugs with Borders from Dean Flooring Company

A bordered area rug is a great way to create a stylish, multidimensional look in your home. Dean Flooring Company offers a huge selection of area rugs with borders, ranging from understated natural fiber rugs to elaborate themed area rugs finished with super-stylish border designs. Our area rugs are made with long-lasting, high-quality materials and often feature edges finished with color-matching yarn for a neat look. You'll find a rug in our selection for the family room, foyer, nursery, kitchen, bedroom or hallway.

Our Favorite Area Rugs with Borders

  • Simple and Natural - There's simply no better complement to your earth-toned home than a sisal area rug. Our large Desert and Black Sisal Area Rug (8-foot by 10-foot) is the perfect option for those who like a clean, simple look with the finished appearance of a border. It features a natural fiber sisal construction with a contrasting navy border for a tied-together look.
  • Ornate and Exquisite - Perfect for any traditional home, our Classic Keshan Oriental Area Rug is a perfect example of a classic area rug with a border that's as decorative as its center. This rug is made from high-quality, stain-resistant material and features an elaborate floral, leaf and swirl border in neutral shades.

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  • Earthy and Rustic - Here at Dean Flooring Company, we have a large selection of rustic area rugs with borders. See the stunning Dean Mt. Le Conte Area Rug, which has a lovely pinecone border with a solid-colored beige interior. This is the perfect area rug with a border for your log cabin, lake house or mountain chalet!
  • Subtle and Southwestern - Our mesmerizing Dean Barnsley Area Rug is a popular option among homeowners who love the earthy colors of the Southwest but prefer a more contemporary aesthetic. This stylish geometric rug has a unique solid black stripe border for a more modern feel.