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Choosing the Right Area Rug for Your Foyer

As the threshold of your home, the foyer is the first thing guests see when they enter. It should make a big impact while still honoring your personal style and welcoming visitors. Finding the right foyer rug comes down to two things: your personal décor preferences and the demands of the environment. Not only should your foyer rug be beautiful and statement-making, but it also must be practical and durable enough to handle large amounts of tracked-in dirt and debris from the outside.

One of the most challenging things about shopping for a foyer rug is determining the size and shape that's best-suited for your space. In a small foyer, an eye-catching small rectangular rug may be all that's needed to complete the décor. But if you have larger floor space to cover, you'll want to look into spacious rectangular area rugs, circular rugs and rugs cut in unconventional sizes and shapes. You can always contact us if you'd like to inquire about having a custom rug made.


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Unique Foyer Area Rug Ideas from Dean Flooring Company

Oriental - The Oriental area rug is an all-time classic when it comes to entryways. This style is a nice addition to any traditional, Victorian, Tudor or Italianate home thanks to its traditional, elaborate design. The Dean Ebony Classic Keshan is a stylish and affordable rug that looks stunning in the foyer.

Themed - Set the stage for the atmosphere of the rest of your home with a themed area rug in the foyer. For example, if your home is decorated in a Southwestern style, you may consider placing a multicolored Southwestern rug at the threshold.

Practical - If you need no-nonsense floor protection in your home or business, consider placing one of our Pet-Friendly Non-Skid Mats at the doorway. These rugs are designed to withstand excessive foot traffic while simultaneously adding traction and preserving your floors for the long-term.