Adhesive and Rug pads for Securing Rugs, Runners, and Stair Treads

Tape & AdhesivesDean Flooring Company offers a wide-selection of carpet adhesives, pads, runners and stair treads that ensure that all covering applications are secure and entirely safe to use. All adhesive materials utilize the highest quality available, while offering the additional advantage of avoiding damage to existing floors.

The company's wide-ranging product mix extends from double sided adhesive systems such as; Dean Non-Slip Carpet Stair Tread/Area Rug/Carpet Tile Double-Sided Adhesive Mesh; to Dean Advanced Removable Adhesive for DIY Carpet Stair Treads and Area Rug Installation.

Most adhesive tape products come in rolls, however, there are several additional configurations including double-sided mesh sheets, and individual strips most usually used for small area or throw rugs.

Adhesive Hook & Loop Velcro Stair Tread Installation SetAs one might expect these products provide overall security when utilized with non-contiguous carpeting in order to avoid any chance of bunching or sliding, thereby causing a customer to fall. Adhesive tape or matting can be used on virtually any space whether it is wood, concrete or some kind of a floor laminate.

Installation is quite easy to execute, and once the adhesive material is applied to the carpet or stair tread's backing, the material will not move or bind. However, there are a couple of preparation tips that will make the customer experience even more effective.

  • If a customer is planning to utilize a "throw-down" carpet or stair tread with stairs, first ensure that all covered steps are vacuumed completely to remove any dirt and dust.
  • Then, using a damp terry cloth, microfiber, or other fabric that resists threading, clean the steps a second time in order to guarantee that the adhesive material will easily hold-fast once the rug is applied to the surface.

Double-sided Adhesive Mesh Once the cleaning prep is concluded, follow-on installation steps include:

  • Cut four adhesive strips equal to each side of the carpet or stair tread.
  • Remove one side of each strip and place it on each side of the carpet or stair tread. Repeat as necessary to integrate adhesive strips with any effected carpet or stair tread.
  • Remove the other side of the adhesive and place the carpet or stair tread as required. Repeat as necessary in order to apply carpeting or stair treads at any appropriate position.
  • If the particularly stairway is already covered in carpet, place three tacks in the center of each carpet application to entirely secure the installation. Repeat as necessary at any/all positions.

In addition to the previous set of instructions some manufacturers also suggest the installation of non-skid materials as part of the process. Again, in all cases the goal is to ensure that the carpet application is securely attached to the floor space, whether it is applied on a raw floor substrate, or as an accent carpet placed over already integrated carpeting. 

Regardless of the installation complexity, if a customer is applying tape strips, a single roll will typically suffice. In the case of rug pads, mats and other affiliate elements please contact Dean Flooring Company to resolve your question.