A Guide to Stair Tread Sizes

What are different stair tread sizes?

Stair treads are small sections of non-slip carpeting that attach to the top of each step in a staircase. Traditional stair treads do not cover the entire stair, but rather only cover the most commonly used portion in the center. Stair treads are popular because they provide the traction, cushioning and safety needed without hiding the beautiful wood of the staircase or any decorative additions. Stair treads come in a variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes.


Most stair treads are not made to wrap around the lip of the stair. Because they only sit on the top of the stair, the length of the tread is limited to the size of the average step. Most stair treads measure between 8 and 10 inches long, with longer treads being used on larger staircases. Nine-inch stair treads are the most common lengths. To determine the length you need, simply measure from the back of the step to the front of the step. This measurement is the maximum length of stair tread you can buy.


Stair treads come in a variety of widths. The width of the tread will determine how much of the stair is covered. Stair treads can be as narrow as 22.5 inches or as wide as 36 inches. Wider stair treads are typically used outdoors while narrower designs between 22.5 inches and 30 inches are more commonly used indoors.


When shopping for stair treads, it's also important to consider the quantity being purchased. Each stair in your staircase will need a tread, so count the number of stairs in your home before shopping to know if a specific set will have enough pieces for your needs. Many designers allow you to buy additional treads if the set does not have enough. Other styles allow you to purchase treads individually, so you can select as many as are needed for your project. Individual stair treads are convenient for homes with longer or shorter than average staircases.

Whether your staircase is long, short, wide or narrow, Dean Flooring Company has the right treads for your needs. Check out the impressive selection and find the size, pattern and color you need to make your home special.