A Guide to Runner Rugs and their Uses in Your Home

What are Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are long, rectangular shaped rugs that are primarily used in hallways or traditional spaces. The rugs can be used to tie the style of a main room into a long space in your home or office, or to give your hallway or transitional area its own identity. Runners provide more than an aesthetic element to a hallway; they also add cushioning, a hint of luxury and plenty of warmth.

Runner Styles

When searing for the perfect runner, having a large selection is the key. Dean Flooring Company offers dozens of different runner styles to choose from. Pick a traditional patterned runner in dark shades that won't show dirt from heavy traffic, or opt for a light, bright design that will illuminate your dark hallway and make walking from one end to the other a pleasant journey rather than a daily chore.


Runner rugs can be made from a variety of materials. Non-skid runners are popular since they won't move or slip, even under heavy use. They are made with a special backing that prevents sliding. Washable rugs are a great choice for families with young children since they are easy to care for due to the type of material they are made out of. If you're planning to use your runner outside for a wedding or another function, an indoor/outdoor rug lets you take your flooring wherever you need it to go. When choosing a runner, look for a rug that is made of a material that will work with your lifestyle and last for a long time. Wool blends are popular choices, but can be difficult to clean. Polyester has a shorter life, but is easier to care for. How the rug is made can also impact its price and durability. Hand loomed rugs are nice, but costly. Machined rugs are often less durable, but more affordable.

With such a large selection of styles and materials to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect runner for your space at Dean Flooring Company. Whether you're looking for utility, style or comfort, our top-quality runner rugs will make it easy for you to decorate your home.