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When you have kids or pets running through the house, it's not uncommon to hear a fall on the stairs. Avoid that moment of panic and the potential injuries that may result by adding these ActionBac stair treads to your staircases. Each tread is outfitted with a unique backing called ActionBac. This is a non-skid backing made of slit film and spun olefin. These materials are made into a leno weave that can be stretched to form a backing on products like stair treads. This is a particularly strong material that will keep your stair treads perfectly in place when installed with our double-sided mesh tape, standard double-sided carpet tape, or our advanced adhesive roll, even when members of your household or your guests are running up and down the stairs.

In addition to keeping your stairs safe, ActionBac stair treads are also made to be durable. The carpet fibers are soft yet strong, so they'll hold up well even in high-traffic areas, and installation is exceptionally easy. Check out our full collection of ActionBac stair treads to find a great fit for your home.

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